Ai Yori Aoshi v01-08 repost and v09-17

This was actually the very first series I edited way back in the summer of 2009 with, never released it.But the 6 volumes I did back then served as a great learning experience. Last year I decided to redo this series, and after some serious procrastination, I finally finished it. This post actually consists of a repost of v01-08 by evangeline while v09-17 where done by me. The entire series is from scans of the toykopop versions, and are in really high quality. Enjoy.

I updated volume 10 just replaced the cover and added colored inserts.


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6 Responses to Ai Yori Aoshi v01-08 repost and v09-17

  1. Naruto says:

    nice hearing from u again and i was wondering, r u going to continue with editing Naruto’s chapters? what is ur plans with this manga?

  2. hakai says:

    Thx for the release.
    Also, any news on naruto? I’d still need chapters 75-90 for my collection to have at least decent quality 🙂

  3. pokeone says:

    Yes I am planning to continue with Naruto, just doing a bit of spring cleaning on other stuff I started and didn’t finish.

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