Naruto Volume 7: Orochimaru’s Curse

Merry Christmas everyone. This volume was harder to work with then what I am used to. This was mostly due to the fact that this volume wasn’t scanned particularly well. There are definitely inconsistencies in the way different sections of the volume was scanned and some parts look better than others. It is definitely better than the existing volume but not quite up to the other releases I have made so far. There are probably ways I could try to fix up the more inconsistent parts but that would involve redrawing most of every single page in the volume, and since I am a one man team, trying to do that would probably put me off scanlations forever. Anyway enjoy the release, and once again have a Merry Christmas, on to volume 8 (which at a glance appears to be scanned by the same person, so you can expect similar quality).

Naruto Volume 7: Orochimaru’s Curse

I have updated my release to fix a typo.

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4 Responses to Naruto Volume 7: Orochimaru’s Curse

  1. Eric says:


    Great job!! Would you mind telling me which font you are using? There is a typo error in the last box on page 63 (MARTIAL instead of of MARITAL). I’d like to try and correct it myself but I don’t know the font.

    It really is nice work that you are doing. I’ve always thought that for a great series like Naruto, it was sad that the ealier volumes were not of the best quality.

    Thanks and have a great Christmas!

  2. Raruto says:


  3. pokeone says:

    I have fixed my release to correct the typo. The font I use is called Wild Words by the way.

  4. SL from MH says:

    If you want i can help you with “Typesetting” the chapters (though i might be slow at that), if you provide me with cleaned raws & translations (i am good a basic cleaning as well but i am bad at redraws).

    If you want to see how i do it you can check it here,

    I recently did that & i wanted people’s opinion on how it was. But no one gave me much.

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