Naruto Volume 5: Exam Hell

Here’s the complete Naruto volume 5, redone with better quality raws. Enjoy.

Naruto Volume 5: Exam Hell

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5 Responses to Naruto Volume 5: Exam Hell

  1. John says:

    Thank you for your work kind sir!

  2. Bloodkay says:

    Sweet. I saw a Naruto release for earlier volumes in my Bakaupdates and I immediately came over here to get a better quality of all the previous NAruto volumes =D

    Thank you!

  3. WhoIndeed says:

    Thanks for the release the quality is great, far better than the old magazine versions I first read, now I can enjoy re-reading this series.

  4. Raruto says:

    Thank you, really, with all my soul T.T
    Finally someone who work for old chaps quality

  5. WildCrow says:

    Excellent quality on your releases, keep the good work.


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