It has now been a month since my last release, and it will probably be longer still before I can release anything else. That annoying thing called real life has started to intrude on the free time I used to use to edit these Naruto volumes, and I have no idea when I will have free time again. Anyway I think my work was actually pretty good for beginner who only experience with editing manga was just with this series. I hope someone else with more free time can pick up what I was doing (hint, hint), and complete redoing the poorer quality Naruto volumes.

I am going to release the three chapters I managed to finish, and in another post give info on the fonts I used as well as the raws for  Naruto.

Not really relevant at the moment, so just enjoy the three chapters, the full volume is coming along fairly soon.

Naruto 37-39

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3 Responses to Update

  1. Feanor says:

    While it is true that your work was good for a newbie, the best work doesn’t mean anything if you don’t stick with it.

  2. hakai says:

    srsly, people these days… what is it with you. he was doing this in his free time. for free. but instead of thanking him, you basically tell him he’s a useless bum for not continuing. that kind of attitude really pisses me off.

    anyway. thx pokeone for the great work so far. i hope you will be able to continue at some point.

  3. Feanor says:

    I scanlate too, so I know exactly what he is doing, thank you. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s always sad when a project gets abandoned.
    Plus you could think about it that way. If nobody is sad to see you go, you didn’t do a good job to begin with. So in a way I was paying him a compliment.

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