Naruto Volume 4: The New Opponents

Next volume is now up. Interestingly enough it appears that lone scanlations who have been inactive for the last six months has resurrected from the dead, and gone on to complete the rest of volume 2. It was lone scanlation efforts that gave me the idea to try doing this after it appeared that he had quit all those months ago.  Anyway his stuff appears to be available on mangatoshokan, and on one of his chapter he give a mediafire link for the complete volume done by him.  Just thought that was interesting on to volume 5 and here’s the link to volume 4.

Naruto Vol. 4

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3 Responses to Naruto Volume 4: The New Opponents

  1. tamaki says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for doing this. It’s great to have cleaned versions of the early volumes.

    But for some reason, I couldn’t download volume 4, it says “The website declined to show this webpage”. All the other files worked for me though.

  2. pokeone says:

    I have no idea why this is occurring, it works fine on my end on multiple browsers. Best suggestion I have is to try another browser for that particular link.

  3. taigila says:

    thx a lot for the release. but, just for suggestion, why don’t u just team up with the person from lone scanlation, so that there will be less work and faster release and less pressure :). sorry if this annoy you, i just want to help. thx for the release. 🙂

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