Hello world!

After what occured at mangahelpers, I needed a new place to release my work. Here seems as good a place as any to continue my work. I won’t commit to any particular release schedule, but it is my hope to eventually redo all the volumes up to 9 where I’ll have to decide on a per volume basis how much further I’ll keep going.

What I’m doing here is basically the same as before, the quality of the available volume raws are much better then the available scans. So I’m re-typesetting the translation from the existing scans onto the raws. Not doing anything in terms of major cleaning (at least not so far, from volume 7 on the raws are particularly dirty but I’ll deal with that once I get there). Just creating a better quality reading experience for those earlier volumes.

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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. SL from MH says:

    Its nice to here that you are going to continue doing the work. Hope you continue doing it.

    I have a small question, are you also going to be fixing some of the translation errors there are in the earlier releases (like example: Naruto’s Kyuubi seal being named “Four Elephant Seal” instead of the corrected “Four Element Seal”).

    • pokeone says:

      Actually most of my experience with Naruto was with the Viz translated volumes from my local library and when it used to be aired; the Naruto anime on Cartoon Network. I haven’t really kept up with the series and and most of my general knowledge ends at the end of what most consider the first part of Naruto and that was from the anime, which was different from the Viz translated manga, which was probably different from the scanlations. And even my general knowledge is from a year ago. Basically what I’m trying to say is that my knowledge on what is a translation error is going to be limited, but if you do know where there are errors and the chapters there are in, it would be helpful in correcting them.

  3. SL from MH says:

    Well i can’t say about all the errors that are present in the older scanlations since i don’t know much about Japanese language and nor have i read the Viz translated volumes (i will try to help as much as possible though, maybe asking people on MH who know about it more than me might be helpful) but at least i know that you can always check the latest translations of Naruto chapters for informations about correct Justu name & stuff. Also you can check “naruto.wikia.com” for more info (but there are some things that are named differently there from how the other translations are).

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