Negima! Neo – Magister Negi Magi v1-7 Complete

Just something I’ve been working on. Scanned from the English release.


Negima Neo v1-7


Negima Neo v1-7


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Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku v02 c07

Saw it was missing, now it’s not.

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Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki v03 omake 2

Saw it was missing, now it’s not.

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Ai Yori Aoshi v01-08 repost and v09-17

This was actually the very first series I edited way back in the summer of 2009 with, never released it.But the 6 volumes I did back then served as a great learning experience. Last year I decided to redo this series, and after some serious procrastination, I finally finished it. This post actually consists of a repost of v01-08 by evangeline while v09-17 where done by me. The entire series is from scans of the toykopop versions, and are in really high quality. Enjoy.

I updated volume 10 just replaced the cover and added colored inserts.


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Getbackers Volume 26 and 27

Had this sitting on my hard drive for a long time, finally finished it off. Did this because I wasn’t happy with the quality of the current release, no other reason. No promises about when the next release will show up.

Getbackers v26

Getbackers v27


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Naruto Vol. 9 Chap. 74

A New Naruto chapter has arrived. Enjoy.

Naruto v9 ch74

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Naruto Vol. 9 Chap. 73

And I’m back. Wow it’s been a while. I had stopped due to the poor quality of the raws. I solved that problem by scanning them myself. No guarantees on how long it will take me to finish out this volume but you can rest assured that the quality will remain great. Until next time.

Naruto v9 ch73


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